Gear Lists for Colorado Elk and Mule Deer Hunting

I just finished up on our 2015 hunting gear lists. Our updated lists are always kept HERE at Flat Tops Wilderness Guides.

Keep in mind that over the years thousands of elk and mule deer have been harvested by hunters in Carhartt vests and blue jeans with lever action 30-30s. You don’t have to have all the gear on these lists to be a successful hunter. Also, understand that it usually takes people years to accumulate the kind of gear that is on these lists. Spend money first on items that you believe will help your hunting most, then add the other items over future hunting trips.

I made these lists and purchase my gear based on choices that make me a more effective and comfortable hunter.

Printable PDFs:
Archery Hunt Gear List

Muzzy Hunt Gear List

Rifle Hunt Gear List

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By Cliff Gray

Cliff is a registered outfitter in the State of Colorado, guiding and outfitting over 80 hunters a year for elk, bighorns and mule deer in the White River National Forest and Flat Tops Wilderness Area of the Rocky Mountains. He has years of experience hunting big game in the Rocky Mountains via remote backpacking and horse/mule packing. He is a private pilot and a certified wilderness first responder.